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The bearing structure gives a building its stability and ensures its serviceability throughout its service life. Our structural planning services are always attuned to the intended use of the building: efficiency, robustness and the opportunities for subsequent conversions are at the fore. The architectural design parameters are also decisive.

Apart from the design of new structures, maintenance is assuming an increasingly important role. Modernisations and conversions, frequently taking account of the rules for the protection of historic buildings, issue a great challenge to the art of engineering. In inner-city areas complex solutions for construction site enclosures and the underpinning of adjacent buildings are often necessary.

Structural planning in building construction embraces

  • designing the bearing structure
  • advising, and coordinating with, the owner and the architect
  • preparing structural analyses capable of verification and structurally designing the load-bearing structure as well as
  • carrying out the technical inspection on the building site