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Modern airport terminals combine the various interests of operators, airport users and users of the non-aviation areas as well as of passengers and security in an optimum manner. Clear, transparent functions with conflict-free arrival and departure areas permit all passengers to orientate themselves comfortably and without any difficulty. The type of terminal with regard to form, size and materials is adapted to the location factors in each case. The ever-changing demands and capacities are taken into account by means of flexible space and extension design.

The market segment created by the current worldwide trend towards low-cost carriers places special demands on terminal planning in respect of conception, investment budget and implementation period.

Apart from passenger terminals, further operation-specific buildings play a role at an airport. These include among others cargo sheds, maintenance hangars, control tower, fire station, catering and administration, etc.

Both passenger terminals and other buildings have to be fitted with suitable technical equipment. This includes among others water and wastewater engineering, internal climate engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunication engineering, safety and fire protection engineering, building services control systems and use-specific installation engineering.


Project examples