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As a result of high population density and ever-increasing transport services many citizens feel disturbed by noise immissions. Hence forecasting and assessing noise as well as conceiving effective protection measures – where possible already in the early planning phases – are among the most important tasks in the design of traffic routes, building zones and commercial installations. For noise immission protection we provide the following services:

  • Acoustic engineering studies for
    - roads, railways and maglev connections
    - sports centres and recreational facilities
    - land-use planning procedures
    - commercial enterprises
    (in accordance with the TA Lärm or technical directive on noise prevention)
    - construction sites
  • Aircraft noise investigations
  • Planning of noise protection measures
  • Implementation of noise protection programmes
  • Airborne noise measurements
  • Noise reduction plans
  • Noise and conflict maps
  • Noise action plans

We are an officially accredited measuring station as per § 26 BImSchG (Federal Immission Control Act) and possess, besides suitable calculation programmes, the necessary equipment for noise measurements.

Project examples