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Science is a dynamic process. A building's changing requirements, great technical complexity and high expectations with regard to communication support and security call for considerable competence in respect of planning techniques and methods.

In this context OBERMEYER avails itself of diverse tools to ensure an optimized and sustainable design. When planning starts, we elaborate - in a visually based moderation process together with you - a virtual building concept which affords optimum sequences, flexible use of area and space constellations, an optimized technical infrastructure and thus a sustainable use of the building.

The data from all parties involved in the planning are integrated into a building information management BIM. This also takes account of the information from the Medical and Laboratory Technology Department, which provides the basis for the planning with room requirements and equipment lists. In this way buildings are created which are adapted to the particular demands of each task.

Our range of experience embraces research buildings for a wide variety of institutions and scientific orientation.


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