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Interior Design

OBERMEYER focuses on singularity and quality, which makes it possible to achieve the exceptional. We create individual interiors which combine the functionality and workflows in a hospital and the requirements of the user with an exceptional design.

In doing so, we attach the greatest importance to configuring an optimum healing environment. Light and materials as well as colour and form have a direct impact on people and influence well-being, identification and the healing process.

It is our aspiration to support and encourage the patient's recovery process through our interior design, to afford orientation and security and at the same time to create a working atmosphere for the personnel which takes account of ergonomic and functional aspects and contributes to the general motivation of the staff. It goes without saying that our design complies with applicable regulations.


  • Concept development incl. material and colour collages
  • Interior design, individual furniture designs and planning of project-specific furnishing in consideration of ergonomics, acoustics and guideline compliance
  • Interior finishing, detail drawings of floors, walls and ceilings
  • Conceptual light and ceiling planning in coordination with the technical specialist planners
  • Route guidance and orientation
  • Space optimization
  • All services as per HOAI