OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbHOBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH
Munich, 15.05.2014
A bird's-eye view of the prize-winning design
View of the central water surfaces and a preserved landscape area
The new urban area by night
1st prize "Ganzhou Beidou Industrial Park" in China

Ganzhou is a famous historical and cultural city with 8.5 million inhabitants in south-east China. Situated at the confluence of the rivers Gong and Zhang, the city is surrounded by mountains and rich in water resources.

OBERMEYER's successful concept was focused on embedding the new development area into the given topographical context. Necessary earthworks were minimized and the ecological resources protected. The concept was preceded by extensive GIS analyses, in order to determine the line of the infrastructure as well as the urbanistic density. Taking account of factors such as slope, direction of slope, sources of noise, water catchment areas and further environmental factors, the concept features - at up to 25 percent - an above-average percentage of green zones.

The buildings were distributed across seven areas according to their uses. Four central districts with high-rise buildings were arranged along the main axis. The remaining functional areas were accommodated in medium to low-rise buildings and, in addition, the research centres configured as a campus.

To master the planning of the 1.35 million m² area within a period of five to seven years, implementation is envisaged in five stages. In the process the first development zone will contain all uses and the following zones will supplement these in a meaningful manner. Equal importance is placed on working as well as residential and recreational areas.

When completed the Beidou Industrial Park will bring together productive working, studying, research and living in one overarching concept.