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Wiesbaden, 17.07.2014
Sideview of the crossing structure
Lifting abutment axis 20
Lifting superstructure west
Wiesbaden-East crossing structure opened

The curious spectators who had gathered on a purpose-built visitor platform in the middle of the night at Easter weekend enjoyed an impressive spectacle. Following possession on the section between the Kastel Y track and Wiesbaden-East station the up to 550 t heavy abutments and the 480 t heavy steel bridge were inserted.

To avoid having to close the line to rail traffic for weeks on end, the box-form abutments, the centre walls and the east and west superstructure supporting frameworks were constructed laterally to the tracks in service on a level with the old bridge. First the approx. 550 t heavy abutments and approx. 330 t heavy precast retaining wall parts were lifted into place by means of crawler-mounted cranes, fixed and partly supplemented with in-situ concrete.
Then the cranes lifted the approx. 480 t heavy and the approx. 80 m long superstructure supporting frameworks into their final position.

As part of the conversion measure new railway embankments were created over a length of approx. 200 m by means of sheet piles with reinforced concrete head beams and intermediate sheeting. The signalling installations, power lines and tracks which had been disconnected for the operation had to be reconnected. To ensure everything ran smoothly, 50 staff was deployed round the clock over the public holidays; this permitted the resumption of rail traffic immediately after completion.

The OBERMEYER alternative proposal, which envisaged the exclusively trackside construction of the abutments, was adopted. This logistical solution afforded the advantage that the construction period and hence the construction costs could be significantly reduced.