OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbHOBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH
Munich/Tashkent, 28.08.2014
Close-up of facade
North View

New Construction of German Embassy Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The new building for a chancery and a visa section will be erected on the embassy grounds with an area of 14 000 m². Without interrupting the day-to-day running of the embassy it is intended to build a four-storey building with a gross floor area of 2 300 m² and to reshape the garden.

The architectural concept envisages a condensed urbanistic ensemble. In terms of a "fusion of building cultures" the design incorporates both the rational architecture of the western building tradition and the stylistic features of Islamic culture - e.g. arabesque facade ornamentation. The design objective was to create an architectural dialogue between the western world and the predominantly Islamic landlocked country. While the compact, concise edifice appears rather closed from the outside, inside all the rooms open up onto a courtyard which receives light from above.

The building complexes form a representative, elaborately shaped forecourt which links the chancery with the residence. The buildings and square are lapped by open landscape, which merges into the adjacent park. It was necessary to integrate an existing traditional garden pavilion (liwan) into the design which was a gift from the Uzbek government to the German Embassy.

With its conceptual design OBERMEYER was able to prevail against several competitors in the negotiated procedure. Working together in the holistic planning of this development measure were the specialist sections Architecture and Buildings, Security Engineering, the in-house Institute of Building and Energy Efficiency and the Structural Design department.