OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbHOBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH
Le Mans/ Karlsruhe/ Leipzig, 14.10.2014
Place Aristide
Cathedral St. Julien
Track with grass covering
Track during construction

Extension of Light Rail Transit Network in Le Mans, France

In 2007 an approx. 15 km long Y alignment was put into operation in Le Mans and shortly afterwards it was decided to extend the network by a further branch between Place Aristide Briand and the Bellevue quarter.

On 24th December 2010 the JV consisting of the French partners SCE and AUP as well as OBERMEYER was commissioned with the planning for this 3.4 km long line section. Construction work commenced in the summer and autumn of 2012 after the preliminary and final design as well as tendering and award of the construction works. After a construction period of only about two years the line was officially opened on 30th August 2014.

The architecturally appealing line branches off at the Place Aristide Briand and passes the Place des Jacobins, serves several schools and sports facilities and finally ends in the "Bellevue" quarter, whose urbanistic quality has been enhanced by the construction. The centrepiece of the line is the newly configured Place des Jacobins: A previously unattractive and disorganized car park has been transformed into a modern public space with perfect views of the Cathedral St. Julien.

The 3.4 km long line was conceived as a double grooved-rail track as a branch from the existing line by means of P. For the track it was necessary to envisage a grass covering including watering system. Further, as is customary in France, it was necessary to architecturally attune the aesthetic design of the various types of catenary supports.

OBERMEYER was entrusted with the service phases preliminary and final design, tendering, assistance in award of contract and partly detailed design and/or review of the detailed design.