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We have been successfully employing geographical information systems (GIS), as well as remote sensing, in national and international projects since the beginning of the nineties. We offer our clients geo data collection, data analysis, the preparation of digital terrain models as well as the classification of aerial photograph and satellite data. Through the integration of socio-economic data, location analyses are enhanced for our clients, connections between population structure, location factors and market activities are described in detail and evaluated in a target-oriented manner.

In order to be able to meet the special requirements with regard to the processing, management, analysis and visualization of geographical data, we work with the latest software from ESRI and ERDAS.

The utilization of mobile GIS systems as well as GPS cameras is now a matter of course in project work, furnishing the project team with up-to-date data in realtime. Thanks to modules specially developed in-house, we make optimum use of the synergy effects between GIS and remote sensing for the CAD platforms used throughout the company as well as for the alignment software ProVI developed by OBERMEYER.


Project examples