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Erlangen, 27.07.2015
Tunnel cut-through
Design of tunnel portal on north side (new tunnel tube on left)

Cut-through of Burgberg tunnel second tube, Erlangen

The Burgberg tunnel in Erlangen is part of the German Unification Traffic Project (VDE) No. 8.
The overall investment volume amounts to about 10 billion euros. Since 1993 OBERMEYER has, in a planning association, been performing planning and surveying services from preliminary design to tendering for the sub-project VDE 8.1, the 83 km long, four-track new and upgraded line Nuremberg-Ebensfeld.

For the four-track extension of this line it is necessary to use not just the existing Burgberg tunnel, but also a second double-track tunnel tube, whose construction began in February 2015. The cost of the new tunnel tube amounts to about 13 million euros.

The original tunnel through the Burgberg was constructed as part of the Ludwig South-North Railway from 1841 to 1844, the first railway tunnel in Bavaria.  The last comprehensive extension and fundamental renewal of the tunnel took place in 1936.

As a result of the geology of the hill, in combination with the adjacent tunnel tube through voids and loose rock as well as the housing development above, the current construction of the second tube poses a great challenge for consultant and contractor alike.
Already during the planning it was necessary to take special account of the monument preservation requirements with regard to the historic portals.

OBERMEYER carried out the planning of the second tunnel tube from the basic investigation through the final design to the approval planning.