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Munich, 03.11.2015
AlgaeTec Facility at the Ludwig Bölkow Campus
AlgaeTec Facility at night © Andreas Heddergott, TUM
Hall for algae cultivation © Andreas Heddergott, TUM

AlgaeTec Facility opened in Ottobrunn near Munich

Up until now it was only possible to make commercial use of about ten out of the approx. 150 000 different types of algae. This is about to change with the new algae centre at the Ludwig Bölkow Campus in Ottobrunn/Taufkirchen. The building concept divides the 1.500 m² into a fully glazed, three-bay climate simulation hall with areas for algae cultivation as well as laboratories and offices and extensive technical installations. What sets the algae centre apart is the fact that lighting and climate conditions for practically any location on Earth can be simulated.

To achieve that, the facade comprises special glass which also transmits UV radiation. As a result of the sophisticated supply engineering it is possible to simulate both tropical and very dry climate conditions as well as different climate zones. LED lighting supplies light in the 300 to 800 nanometre wavelength range and an intensity distribution which comes very close to sunlight. In addition the ventilation system enables the halls to be fully air-conditioned. This is intended to facilitate the development of efficient processes for producing biokerosene and chemical products for commercial exploitation.

OBERMEYER was entrusted by Airbus Group with the general planning for the project planning building as well as the planning of the technical equipment. The company also performed services for the user-specific building automation Systems.