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Munich, 21.03.2016
Visualisation Guangzhou North Railway Station
Station concourse with waved roof, Guangzhou North Railway Station
Visualisation Foshan Healthcar and Elderly Park
Visualisation Suqian Lake District

OBERMEYER wins several competitions in China

One prize was awarded in the international competition "Guangzhou North Railway Station and Surrounding Area". Located in southern China, Guangzhou is a metropolis in Guangdong Province with approx. 11 million inhabitants. The north railway station is one of the six transport hubs in Guangzhou. The creative design concept is oriented towards the city's thousand year-old history, in which water assumes an important role. The theme is taken up in the wavelike shape of the roof, which creates an interplay of light and shadows inside the station building.

In the city of Foshan, located about 20 km southwest of Guangzhou, it is planned to build the 61-hectare Foshan Healthcare and Retirement Park. An international competition was launched for "Foshan Healthcare and Retirement Park", which OEC was able to win. The focus of the design is put on the needs of the elderly. A 2,000-bed geriatric centre and a 1,000-bed rehabilitation hospital are the core features of the design. This is supplemented by a nursing home for 2,000 patients and four apartment towers. The nearby river and the many green Areas generate a relaxing environment. Quick and congestion-free access to the hospital is ensured by the direct connection with Foshan Avenue Highway.

Further, OEC has won the international competition "Suqian Lake New Zone and Core Area Urban Design". In Suqian, a city with over 5 million inhabitants located in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu, it is planned to build a new 9 km² city centre on an area of 78 km². To guarantee the population's quality of life, there will be cultural and recreational facilities in addition to administrative, office and commercial units. Based on the current situation, an analysis was performed of the structural planning, the industrial development, the urban functions and the transport system and the findings incorporated into a conceptual design.