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The elaboration of security concepts for large-scale territories, industrial plants or sensitive single buildings calls for extensive knowledge with regard to the assessment of the threat scenario as well as the recommendation of appropriate protective measures.

For this purpose OBERMEYER offers holistic security engineering across all service phases in consideration of diverse risk potentials throughout the world.

The scope of services extends from the risk assessment in 4D viewing through to the development of specially adapted, comprehensive security concepts. Constructional protection measures, electronic protection techniques and organizational measures are employed for the protection, depending on the natural environment in each case.

With the aid of numeric simulations the OBERMEYER specialist planners determine seismic loads, time-dependent detonation loads as well as high-velocity impacts on buildings and protective structures. Local destruction can likewise be simulated.

Holistic solutions are elaborated through interdisciplinary cooperation between the various technical departments within the company, such as e.g. with the structural engineering department or with the in-house Institute for Building and Energy Efficiency. The latter provides e.g. fire and climate simulations for all-encompassing concepts.

OBERMEYER offers overall planning solutions as well as individual services for:

  • Risk assessments in 4D viewing,
  • Numeric simulations of seismic loads,
  • Time-dependent detonation loads,
  • High-velocity impacts,
  • Flow calculations,
  • Fire simulations,
  • Climate simulations.

Project examples