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Munich, 21.12.2016
Inside the tunnel was lined with a new inner shell. ©OBERMEYER
Water inrushes made it necessary to rehabilitate the tunnel. ©OBERMEYER

Oberstaufen Tunnel Reopened

First put into operation in 1853, the Oberstaufen tunnel had already been rehabilitated several times over the previous years. Nevertheless damages occurred again and again, impairing its operation. Consequently it was only possible to drive through the tunnel with a maximum speed of 30 km/h.

In 2009 OBERMEYER was retained by DB (German Rail) to design the renewal of the Oberstaufen tunnel as a double-track tunnel with total track possession during the construction phase.

To this end it was necessary to expand the tunnel's circumference by approx. 1.50 m by blasting advance. Subsequently the new tunnel was lined with a watertight inner shell with inverted arch. To protect railway operations against rockfall, DB had the tunnel elongated by approx. 40 m. The overall length of the structure was thus extended from 124 m to about 160 m.

Construction work started in April 2016. The official reopening and inauguration of the tunnel took place on 7th December. German Rail put the line between Immenstadt and Oberstaufen back into regular service on 10th December.