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Aschaffenburg, 20.09.2017
Bahnparallele und Stadtring Aschaffenburg.
The completion of the "Bahnparallele" completes the city ring road. Photo: Nürnberg Luftbild, Hajo Dietz
Fußgängertunnel mit Zugangsbauwerk.
The pedestrian tunnel beneath the "Bahnparallele" with entrance structure. Photo: M. Alfen, Aschaffenburg
Stadtring umfasst sieben tunnelartige Bauwerke.
The Aschaffenburg city ring road embraces seven tunnel-like structures. Photo: M. Alfen, Aschaffenburg

"Bahnparallele Damm" completes city ring road in Aschaffenburg

Done: On 10 July 2017 Aschaffenburg city ring road was, with the completion of the last section, the "Bahnparallele Damm", opened to traffic on schedule after a construction period of 27 years.

The "Bahnparallele" itself is around two kilometres long. OBERMEYER Aschaffenburg was responsible for the overall planning of the traffic facilities and engineering structures as well as all specialist planning.

The "Bahnparallele" is intended to relieve the city-centre and the urban district of Damm. The two-lane road with limited access runs alongside and crosses the ICE route Würzburg–Frankfurt. The alignment close to the city centre, the parallel routing with and crossing of railway installations as well as the hydrogeological conditions necessitated elaborate engineering structures. Two railway bridges, one road bridge and one footbridge including various retaining and sound protection walls were constructed specifically for the "Bahnparallele".

A further constituent was a pedestrian tunnel, complete with entrance structure, beneath both the "Bahnparallele" and the DB track installations as northern access to the main station and its platforms.

The city ring road as a whole is seven kilometres long and is used by 25,000 to 40,000 motor vehicles per day. It embraces 17 bridges, one of which a 460 m long bridge across the river Main, as well as seven tunnel-like structures. From the outset OBERMEYER was entrusted with the overall planning in all service phases and covering all specialist disciplines.