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Mayrhofen, 05.02.2019
North view.
North view.
South view. Picture: OBERMEYER
South view.

Award-winning: new construction of the Mayrhofen railway station, Austria

In August 2018, the town of Mayrhofen announced a competition for the construction of a new railway station and its traffic infrastructure. Mayrhofen is the central traffic junction of the rear Zillertal. The more than 100 year old railway station is now reaching the limits of its capacity. For that reason Zillertaler Verkehrsbetriebe AG launched an
EU-wide, open, single-staged competition, which included the construction of the new station and its infrastructural facilities. 48 design drafts had been submitted. OBERMEYER’s design was awarded 2nd prize.

Criteria of evaluation was on the one hand the urban integration into the surroundings with special consideration of the townscape, on the other hand an economical and sustainable solution was demanded.

OBERMEYER’s architectural design makes the new building a visually prominent prelude at the entrance to the town. Particularly striking is the folded station roof, which connects the orthogonally structured hall structures (depot, station hall and track hall) with the bus station. Stainless steel panels on the surface reflect the alpine environment in contrast to the wooden cladding of the depot and the station hall.
In the northeast an attractive forecourt is planned. It is the connection to the town center and to the pedestrian zone. There will also be a public underground car park.

The energy concept provides photovoltaic panels on the south-facing roof surfaces. The generated energy can be used both for power supply and for heating purposes. Among other things roof openings are used for naturals air-conditioning.