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A holistic building design includes innovative and custom-made solutions for preventive fire protection. Structural, technical and organizational measures can counteract the development and spread of fires. A multitude of legal regulations and standards must be adhered to. This requires a founded professional competence and an interdisciplinary cooperation of different specialist fields.

OBERMEYER offers a wide range of services and the necessary know-how in the field of fire protection engineering. OBERMEYER's engineers create fire safety (protection?) concepts and fire safety records as well as on-site surveys and analyses to develop concepts for fire safety retrofit of existing buildins

In addition, OBERMEYER’s specialist engineers provide clients, designers and operators with adviceon all fire safety and building law issues. In addition, they take part in the execution phase. According to BayBO Art. 61, para. 2, they are authorized to sign building plans and have the right to give evidence of preventive fire protection according to BayBO Art. 62b.

Fire, smoke extraction, and evacuation simulations using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulate the spread of flue gases and temperatures and make it possible to evaluate e.g. visibility in case of fire. The program FDS (Fire Dynamics Simulator) is used for the simulations. In order to ensure the technically correct implementation of the measures, the engineers also take over the specialist site management if necessary.
OBERMEYER offers both overall planning and individual solutions for:

• Fire protection certificate / fire protection concept
• On-site survey and analyses
• Fire safety retrofit
• Consulting service on fire safety and construction law issues
• Detailed design
• Fire, smoke extraction and evacuation simulations using CFD
• Construction management/survey


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