Munich, 13.11.2019
SuedLink - visalization of the Underground cable connection
SuedLink - visalization of the Underground cable connection; Copyright: OBERMEYER, Fotolia/Lucina,

Most important individual project of the energy system transformation enters next stage

SuedLink, the world's largest planned underground cable project, goes into next stage. The clients TenneT and TransnetBW have commissioned Jacobs as their central service provider. OBERMEYER will provide technical planning as Jacob’s subcontractor. The entire planning will be BIM-based.

The underground cable connection SuedLink is Germany’s largest energy system transformation project: The wind energy gained in the north will be transported to Southern Germany to guarantee there a stable, secure power supply.
One ambitious target of Germany is to generate 80% of the electricity from renewable energies by 2050.

TenneT and TransnetBW are the transmission system operators of the approximately 700 km long route. The underground cables are distributed over two parallel direct current lines which are to be planned, built and operated at the same time. Electricity is to flow from 2026.

TenneT and Transnet BW have commissioned Jacobs, a global professional services firm, as central service provider (ZDL) for the ten billion euro project. OBERMEYER will coordinate the technical planning, the permit management as well as BIM and GIS services as a subcontractor of Jacobs.

Planning and controlling will be based on an overall digital model of the SuedLink object, which will be created with Building Information Modeling (BIM) in combination with geoinformation systems.

OBERMEYER will participate in SuedLink's model development. One of the goals is to create a sustainable, transparent project basis.