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Munich, 27.04.2020
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The new lighting of the Olympic Hall.
New LED spotlights with 210.000 lumens on the lighting bridge.

Perfect light: a new lighting concept for Munich's Olympic Hall

Built for the 1972 Olympic Games, the Munich Olympic Hall offers modalities for major events of all kinds. These events are organized by Olympiapark München GmbH as well as by well-known external organizers. Because of that the hall is the only Olympic sports facility in the world with such a sustainable use.

In addition to the permanently installed hall lighting, external organisers usually use their own lighting equipment. Therefore, the new lighting concept should be flexible. Also great importance was attached to energy efficiency and long usability. Because the hall with the characteristic tent roof is a listed building, a number of conditions had to be observed.

Together with the Munich-based lighting designer Prof. Michael Schmidt, the OBERMEYER team of specialists developed an LED lighting concept controlled by a separate fiber optic network and dependent on external light, which meets these complex requirements. It offers the best possible conditions for both sports and entertainment events. The client was the Munich Municipal Utilities (SWM) .

In the 1970s, it was already possible to attach additional mobile luminaires to the lighting bridges, which are arranged around the grandstands. After the removal of the permanently installed light sources over the last 20 years, individual use was only possible for camera parking spaces and for mobile lighting equipment. Now the lighting bridges have been reactivated and equipped with around 40 new redundant 2000 watt LED luminaires that can be individually controlled via DMX system technology.

A further advantage for all event organizers is that the new lighting concept, which has saved six tons of weight, now makes it possible to attach up to 100 tons of their own equipment to the 400-ton lighting bridge (instead of just 30 as in the early years).