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Munich, 27.10.2020

New Office Location
Conference Room
OBERMEYER China moves in a new office location

OBERMEYER China recently moved to a new office location in Beijing. This correspond to OBERMEYER conception of a healthy living environment, sustainability and energy efficiency in design and engineering.

For example, the new office areas are equipped with energy-efficient day-light-colored full LED lighting which ensures a pleasant working atmosphere. Further a fresh air supply was integrated. This has a PM 2.5 filter as well as a heat exchanger. In this way the office are supplied with clean fresh air and at the same time an efficient recovery of cooling/heating energy takes place.

As a logical consequence, the old air conditioning unit was replaced by more efficient and modern equipment for better energy efficiency.

In addition, to improve the internal digital workflow and the virtual conference standard, which was established in the post-CoVid19 phase, all meeting rooms received an acoustic design for perfect voice and media exchange as well as higher internet-bandwidths.


The address of OBERMEYER China is: B-1005, TYG Center, No.C2 Dongsanhuan North Rd. Chaoyang District, Beijing China, 100027.