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Munich, 06.08.2020
Matthias Braun attended the BIM-Cluster Bavaria as representative of bulidingSMART. Photo: StMB

Matthias Braun at BIM-Cluster Bavaria

On 24 June, the Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Building and Transport headed by State Secretary Klaus Holetschek, discussed the implementation of the BIM Bayern-Master Plan with the participants of the BIM-Cluster Bavaria.

Matthias Braun, spokesman of the management of OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten, was on site as a representative of buildingSMART.
The BIM-Cluster Bavaria was launched in 2018 by Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Building and Transport, Bavarian Construction Industry Association, Bavarian Chamber of Architects, Bavarian Chamber of Engineers for Construction, Bavarian State Association of Building Guilds and Bavarian regional group of buildingSMART in order to strengthen the digitalization of construction in Bavaria.


Fast, digital and connected, building in Bavaria is to become a reality. Therefore, the exchange of information between all of those involved in construction is to be intensified and processes optimised. BIM will become a uniform planning method and is to be established nationwide in all planning authorities of the state building administration. This will make construction safer in terms of costs and deadlines and improve quality.

To realize this, the BIM-Cluster has agreed on three main points: MOTIVATION, so that everyone recognizes the opportunity, INITIATIVE to create and network technical, juristic and organizational framework conditions and NETWORK, in order to create a cooperative collaboration.

Small and medium-sized enterprises traditionally form the foundation of the construction industry in Bavaria, so another aim is to support these companies in facing the challenges of digitization.  "In the BIM-Cluster, all the key players meet at the same table and work together to make building more digital," says Building State Secretary Klaus Holetschek.

This is also an important step for Matthias Braun: "Digitization has already become an integral part of the planning and construction industry, so the path of the BIM-Cluster is both consistent and necessary.