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Munich, 03.12.2020

The entire area is equipped with energy-efficient, individually controllable LED lamps.
Access doors are equipped with hand switches or ceiling sensors.
Swimming pool with dimmable lighting for school sports and competitions. Photos: OBERMEYER
Ready to go: limitless sports in Freiham/Bavaria

Freiham is growing: a new district is being built in the west of the Bavarian capital. The individual sub-projects include an extensive and completely barrier-free sports park. This has been in full operation since September 2020.

The City of Munich has invested around 100 million euros in the sports park. OBERMEYER was commissioned with the electrical and supply engineering as well as the conveyor technology, from pre-planning stage to project management.

The sports park is connected to the Freiham Bildungscampus, Munich's largest school construction project, which was opened last year when school started in September. OBERMEYER supervised the supply technology also for this major project.

Among other things, the sports park includes two triple sports halls, each with 500 tribune seats, a swimming pool, two multifunctional rooms, a judo and a dance sports room as well as a restaurant and club rooms. The outdoor facilities include an athletics area, a large skate and beach volleyball court, several basketball courts, a small soccer field and three artificial turf pitches.

The area is the first completely barrier-free sports facility in Munich and features, among other things, an orientation system for people with disabilities. Doors and other access points as well as the windows are widened. Sports like soccer for the blind or wheelchair field hockey can be played as a standard.

When planning the supply technology, it was always necessary to consider the issue of inclusion.  One example are the barrier-free doors. All of them are equipped with a hand switch or ceiling sensor.  They also provide an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and fire-resistant cabling. That means, that in the case of a fire, barrier-free access can be maintained for 30 minutes.

Another focus has been on sustainability and energy efficiency. As the facilities are designed for club, school and partly for competition sports, individually controllable, energy-saving LED light sources were used for the lighting of the entire area. The lighting concept of the triple sports halls, for example, features individual, usage-oriented circuit variations. The halls also have a media technology system.

A photovoltaic system was installed on the roof.