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Changing statutory conditions, extreme rainfall patterns, increasing damage potential and rising energy costs are placing high demands on residential drainage. Yet at the same time stormwater management, flood management, substance flow management and energy generation are be-coming more and more important in drainage engineering.

For over 50 years OBERMEYER has been planning drainage installations for residential areas. In this period of time it has developed a multitude of far-sighted solutions as well as bespoke and functional stormwater management concepts.

Our inter-disciplinary planning teams perform services in all project phases – from economic feasibility study to final planning and from tendering to as-built documentation. We dimension installations and plan not just their aesthetic appearance, but also the E/I&C system, the remote control system and the load-bearing structures. In addition, we develop data banks and information systems for municipal and industrial networks.

Our scope of services embraces designs, concepts and calculations for:

  • Sewerage systems and sewer rehabilitation measures (combined, separate and modi-fied systems) in municipalities, industry and at airports
  • Waste water pumping stations and pressure mains
  • Stormwater retention basins, stormwater overflow basins, stormwater overflows, sewers with storage capacity
  • Retention soil filters
  • Sewer registers / Indirect discharger registers
  • Sewerage master planning and waste water disposal
  • Pollution load with control verification
  • Property-related waste water disposal
  • Inflow from outlying areas into combined sewerage systems
  • Drainage by pressure and vacuum as well as special drainage of aircraft manoeuvring areas

Project examples