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Water and Flood Protection

In an urban planning context surface waters serve the population as local recreation areas, a little extra quality of life and as a central economic factor. Whenever rivers and streams flood their banks during heavy rain, however, they pose a threat to life and limb and interfere with economic activity.

OBERMEYER has set itself the goal of bringing man’s needs into accord with the protection of the surface waters and the reclamation and development of natural habitats – thereby helping those affected to live with the flood risk as well as possible.

OBERMEYER plans hydraulic facilities in and at surface waters, assists the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) in addition to flood protection measures and the preparation of Flood Risk Management (FRM) plans. In the sectors flooding, flood protection and water ecology we render services in all project phases from design through to construction supervision:

  • Precipitation-runoff modelling
  • Water level calculations
  • Flood modelling and flood risk management plans
  • Construction of new dikes, dike rehabilitation, dike improvement
  • Flood protection walls and mobile flood protection systems
  • Retention areas
  • Flood retention basins, pumping stations and weirs
  • Construction adapted to floods
  • Renaturation and near-natural extension of surface waters
  • Surface water conservation and development plans
  • Ensuring ecological passability at transverse structures


Project examples