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Building and Room Acoustics

Acoustics represents a major factor in determining the overall quality of a building. While this may be obvious in the case of a theatre or concert hall or a broadcasting station, for example, such measures are also required in the case of conference rooms, offices, multi-purpose and sports halls. Room acoustics planning calls for close cooperation with architects and engineers which OBERMEYER, by dint of its holistic corporate structure, can provide.

For the construction of new buildings and the refurbishment of existing structures we can offer you a wide range of advisory and planning services based on our many years of experience.

Among our services in respect of Building Acoustics are:

  • Sound insulation evidence for building permission procedures
  • Measurement of sound insulation factors
  • Optimized technical solutions from a cost standpoint
  • Evaluation and selection of building materials, units and construction details
  • Elaboration of innovative solutions for special problems (e.g. rehabilitation of old building stock, test stands, recording studios, cinemas)
  • Refurbishment of old building stock
  • Vibration investigations for concrete and reinforced concrete components
  • Vibration reduction for steel structures
  • Expert assistance during execution of construction work
  • Room noise abatement for indoor air supply installations as per VDI2081
  • Immission protection
  • Protection against vibrations in machines (engines, ventilators, lifts, craneways)
  • Protection against vibrations for highly senstive laboratory equipment
  • Arrangement of cases of damage and preservation of evidence for lodging claims
  • Arbitrator’s findings for settlement out of court

In the sphere of Room Acoustics we perform the following services:

  • Extensive room acoustic investigations (reverberation period, noise distribution, echoes, concentration effects)
  • Recommendations for interior layouts and materials from cost standpoint
  • Development of innovative solutions for special cases (e.g. recording studios, cinemas)

Furthermore, we carry out workplace investigations (e.g. in production halls) and draw up appropriate reduction measures.

We are an officially VMPA-accredited measuring station for sound insulation in buildings as per § 26 "BImschG" (Federal Immission Protection Act).

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